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Hackert Sales sells and services skidloaders and parts
By Crystal Montgomery, Courtesy of Hometown Press-Sully, Iowa

       In August of 1973, when Paul Hackert of Sully realized that using a skidloader on his farm was much faster and a lot more convenient than using a tractor with a loader on it, he decided to open his own business and provide a skidloader service to other farmers like himself.
      "I started
the business on my farm and in September of 1974, we moved uptown Sully," Hackert said. "My brother Ken began the business with me and I bought his portion in 1979."  In 1998, Hackert Sales and Service, Inc. had outgrown its space on the northeast corner of the Sully square and they moved to the east edge of Sully where they currently have three buildings that include a warehouse, a storage rental facility, and a shop with the office attached, and employ nine full-time and two part-time employees
        Hackert Sales and Service, Inc. specializes in skidloader sales and service.  "We
sell Gehl, Hydra-Mac, and Terex brand loaders, but we provide service for all makes and models," said Shaun Baarda, General Manager.  In 2009, Hackert Sales and Service, Inc. was awarded the top dealer award for Gehl skidloader sales, and again in 2010.
       Skidloader sales have expanded since business began, Baarda explained.  "It used to only be farmers that felt a need for a loader, but now we have construction companies, landscapers,  homeowners, and snow removal contractors buying and renting them."
       In addition to the skidloader rental service offered at the Sully location, they have three businesses throughout Iowa that house their equipment and oversee rental maintenance.  Their skidloaders can be rented through Marengo Farm and Home, Victor Lumber, Farm & City Supply, and one other privately-owned business located in Story City.
        In 2004, Hydra-Mac went out of business, giving Hackert Sales the opportunity to expand their business. "We took on the world parts distribution for them," said Hackert.  "We now supply Hydra-Mac parts world wide."  Hackert Sales has two full-time employees who handle the parts sales for the business.  "We have parts customers all over the United States," Baarda said, "The customer base is really heavy on the east coast and we do a lot of shipping to other countries as well."
       Taking in one or two new customers a week, Hackert Sales feels they are meeting the needs of their customers.  As a local business, they feel they can provide the small-town atmosphere along with a needed service to the local community and to others around the Midwest.  "It's been fun starting out as a small business and watching the business grow through the years," Hackert added.  "It's all because of the good help and a great customer base."
       As great as it is to provide a small-town atmosphere, it can also be challenging as sometimes trying to compete with bigger dealerships can be difficult.   "We have competition, but it's good,"  Hackert said.  "I feel we have the upper hand because we solely specialize in skidloaders.  We can meet the demands as they come in." Keeping up with technology can also prove to be a challenge.  "Anymore, everything is going to computers,"  Baarda added.  "Finding qualified help that has the knowledge to work on those parts may grow to be more difficult as technology progresses."
       Not only do they meet their customers' demands, they often exceed their expectations.  "We offer custom-built buckets, several skidloader attachment options, and have even customized a skidloader for special-needs use,"  Hackert explained.  Awhile back, Hackert Sales was presented the opportunity to work with a customer who faced a challenging situation, living life with only one arm, but had a need for a skidloader.  Unfortunately, this customer was unable to find a dealership that would work with him and his special situation.  Luckily, he came across Hackert Sales and Service, Inc. who was able to customize a loader allowing it to be operated with only one arm and the use of their customer's feet.  "That's what it's about," Baarda added, "meeting the customers' needs"
        In addition to the skidloader sales and service and Hydra-Mac parts distribution, they also are an authorized Camoplast distributor, carrying rubber tracks and under carriage parts for compact track loaders and mini excavators.  Hackert's also offers storage units for rent.  They have 20 units that Hackert says stay full all of the time.  "Originally, the intent was to only rent out half of the units and use the other half for our storage needs, but the demands for outside use were there, we we've rented them all," Hackert said.
        Hackert Sales is listed on the Gehl, Camoplast, and Terex websites as an official authorized dealer for the products and they do some advertising in the free trade magazines convenience stores offer.  They also can be found at the Iowa State Fair each year with a display.  "We always ask where or how people heard of us when they call,"  said Hackert.  "Its nice to be able to track which advertising methods are working best, but we also know we get a lot of business just simply from word-of-mouth advertising."
        "This business has grown so much because of the employees willing to step up to the plate,"  Baarda said.  "Everyone here helps each other out and works great as a team."  Because of the growth, finding enough space for everything is starting to become an issue.  "When we moved here in 1998, we thought we would have plenty of room,"  Hackert explained.  "Thanks to a great customer base and growing business, we will have to eventually expand."  As the business expands, it will have to do so without its founder.  "I'm looking towards retirement,"  Hackert said, "After 38 years, I have other ambitions I want to go after."
        The next time you find yourself in the market for a skidloader - whether you need one for just a few hours or one to call your own, contact Hackert Sales and Service, Inc. at 641-594-3777 and see what they can do for you!


John Louma, of Minneapolis, Minn., president of Hydra-Mac
congratulates Paul Hackert, owner of Hackert Sales and Service.

Celebrating 25 Years in Business

A skid loader rodeo, good food and a hoop shootout for the kids was a part of the activities at Hackert Sales and Service at their customer appreciation day held Saturday at their new location east of Sully on Hwy. 225 E.

Customers and friends joined Paul Hackert to celebrate 25 years of Hydra-Mac skid loader sales in the business he and his brother, Ken, started 25 years ago at Ken's farm south of Sully.

The business quickly outgrew the farm shop and a building was purchased in Sully on the northeast corner of the square.

As the business continued to grow, Ken, a livestock farmer, made the decision to sell out to Paul after a seven year partnership.

Today, 25 years later, Paul has become one of the biggest Hydra-Mac dealers in the nation.

In fact, according to John Louma, CEO at Hydra-Mac's home office in Minneapolis, Minn., Paul was number two in sales in the nation in 1997.

Louma stated that "Paul's knowledge of the skid loader is very valuable to us. When the guys up at headquarters run into a mechanical problem they can't solve, someone always says, call Paul and see what he says".

Last January, Paul was asked to come up to Minneapolis to help design a mount so a Seppi mower tree shredder could be mounted on a Hydra-Mac that Paul had sold to Wright Tree Service in Texarkana, Texas.

The new building that houses Hackerts Sales and Service is spacious and completely air conditioned, with lighting brighter than daylight. Paul now has seven employees and he stated that "we try to have fun here."